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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Mitchell Brothers Curse

Went to see The Streets at the Astoria as part of a long weekend in London, which had carnage written all over it. However it was support band The Mitchell Brothers that we were really interested in, an up-coming hip-hop act that have caught our eye. Me and my friends have attempted to see them twice before, but due to differing circumstances have always been too late to see their full set. However this time we were prepared. Arriving in london a day early, in the Astoria to even see the second string support band Professor Green. What could go wrong?
Well, 3 songs in and Teddy Mitchell suddenly has a throat spasm, unable to sing anymore, leaving the stage to the disbelief of his brother. They do return to perform 2 more songs, with Teddy croaking through it. Complete disaster! We leave with a determination that we will break the curse, celebrated with getting stupidly drunk and falling over on the dancefloor at 4am in a club.


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